Saturday, January 11, 2014

34 Weeks

Well, I'm still sick, but it's at least tolerable now and mainly just some congestion and coughing. After about a month of being sick, my ribs are just now starting to hurt from all the coughing, so that could have been worse. I've actually been sleeping fairly well at night, waking up just for one bathroom break and briefly a few other times to adjust positions or check the monitor to make sure Josie hasn't fallen out of bed. I've still been exhausted at night, though, so I only managed to walk a couple of times this week (also not too appealing right now since walking seems to trigger coughing fits) and went to bed early nearly every night.

I just noticed this week that I can no longer see my toes without bending over or around my belly now, although I suspect that happened a while ago. I have the faintest linea nigra starting to show up again too. My belly button never popped out with Josie, but it seemed to pick up with this pregnancy right where it left off, so yeah.... it's definitely out at this point, and really started sticking out way back at the end of first trimester/early second trimester.

I finally started doing kick counts this week. I was supposed to start around 28 weeks, but the baby is active enough throughout the day that I didn't try hard enough (apparently) to remember to actually make sure it was kicking 10 times in two hours. So I've been trying to get that taken care of in the mornings now, and while new baby has been moving around 10 times usually in about an hour, it seems fairly obvious that new baby is not much of a morning person since it's far more active basically any time other than the mornings :)
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