Saturday, January 18, 2014

35 Weeks

This week was a little stressful as it is really hitting me how soon this baby is going to be here. It could technically be up to 7 weeks from now, but I just keep thinking that this little one isn't going to be as late as Josie was. Work caused most of the stress, though, since after having a couple of slow weeks over the holidays where I was able to do some catchup, I got slammed on Monday and never recovered from it. We're also trying to figure out who will be filling in for me while I'm out so that I can start transitioning my work over, so hopefully that will be figured out next week (after yet another meeting to hash it out).

We're actually in pretty good shape on the baby to-do list (which has now grown to 77 items from the original 45...sigh), especially since we were able to knock a lot of things out this week, like confirming daycare will hold a spot for new baby, finalizing my birth plans, taking care of some insurance stuff, and cleaning/organizing the baby stuff that we took down from the attic a few weeks back. Although I still feel like we're behind since there are a couple of (sort of) big things left, like finishing up the nursery (as much as we're going to, at least, since the crib will be in our room again at first) and getting the sun room turned into the birthin' room (as I've termed it). I have big plans to for these activities while we're off on Monday, though, so we'll see how we did in next week's update ;)

I had an appointment with the midwives this week too, and I went in with an agenda. We hadn't gotten through all of my questions the last few visits, and since that was standing in the way of me being able to cross things off on the to-do list, I was all business this time :) So we talked through the birth plans, the questions I had related to some of the late pregnancy paperwork they had given me, as well as random other questions that I had been jotting down the last few weeks. After all of that, they checked on the baby, who, as usual, kicked at them as they were trying to get the heartbeat :) Said heartbeat was good, my belly is still measuring right on track, blood pressure is good. I'm starting to get a little bit of edema in my legs, but not too bad yet.

I'm (of course) still sick, but besides a newly-sore throat again, I don't seem any worse than last week. Well, except for the rib I seem to have bruised from all the coughing. The fatigue is still pretty bad. I've fallen asleep on the couch in the evenings a couple of times this week (which Josie apparently thinks is great, since she keeps yelling at me to lay on the couch and go to sleep), and even fell asleep sitting up last night, which led me to skip walking for the evening and just go to bed.  I also think I had some Braxton-Hicks contractions this week, and the baby continues to be quite active in the afternoons and evenings, and even was distracting me during yoga, since it was hard to focus between the baby's hiccups and the kicks to my ribs.
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