Sunday, September 1, 2013

15 Weeks

The good news is I've felt just fine most of the week, without any recurrence of the pain that landed me in the E.R. last weekend. I've been able to feel new baby kicking around nearly every day this week, which has really helped with getting me to calm down and start feeling like it's ok for me to enjoy this pregnancy. It's feeling much more real now, and I'm getting more excited now that I'm slightly less anxious about losing this pregnancy. I even got all teary-eyed looking at the products for new mamas/babies at Wegman's, since I'm just so happy to be pregnant again (and then I went home and cried while watching a comedy, so maybe I was just having a weepy day).

The fatigue is supposed to lessen during second trimester, which I was really looking forward to.... and actually, I still am, since instead the fatigue has gotten worse. I'm pretty sure I was asleep when I did my last assignment for the finance class I'm taking right now, and despite swearing off naps, I was back in bed by 10am this morning (crossing fingers that I won't be up all night tonight now). The daily nausea went away around 15 weeks with Josie, so I was hoping that would be about done too. I had one day when I didn't start feeling sick until the evening, but every other day I've still felt just a touch sick all day long. I also gave up on my regular clothes much faster this time around. I've been using hair bands as button expanders for my work pants the last couple of weeks, and I've already packed up all of my non-maternity jeans and most of the shirts too.

Sleep is still not going that well for me. Last night was the first time I've slept through the night in at least several months, since I'm normally still waking up at least once in the early hours of the morning. I'm also still having crazy dreams every single night. Here's a sampling from the last week:

  • Dreamed that we had a little boy (with skinny little legs)... and we kept forgetting about him during our next trip to the lake (but luckily Ryan's family was there to pick up our slack)
  • Dreamed that I was actually pregnant with twins (I'm definitely not), who were born around 36 weeks.... one hour after I had competed in a horse show, and then I went back to work the next day (this dream actually stressed me out so much that it woke me up)
  • Dreamed that I called Justin Bieber out for being an annoying little punk, which then segued into me being at Custer's Last Stand

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