Saturday, September 21, 2013

18 Weeks

Hopefully I won't jinx things, but it looks like the nausea is finally lessening :) About mid-week, I started to just have a few passing waves of nausea after I ate or later in the evening, but that was it. My stomach is still a bit sensitive though, and there a few things that without fail are turning my stomach: Ryan's peanut butter, pickles, and new car smell.

This week's episode of ridiculous crying happened when I took a terribly unflattering picture of Josie, and every time I looked at it, I laughed harder and harder until I started crying... but these were not pleasant tears of mirth, but instead more of the "I'm an emotional mess and I don't know how to stop crying" variety. Lovely.

This week I finally started walking on the treadmill again (after taking an, oh, almost 6-month break since the fire in March), and also started yoga classes at the birth center. As happened when I started pre-natal yoga with Josie too, it quickly reminded me both how pathetic my muscles are and also how much stronger and more capable I am than I think. I tend to get very overprotective of myself when pregnant, and we were doing all sorts of stuff I thought were off the table (or wished they were - plank is still not fun to me).

The baby is still kicking away, although there were a few days this week when I didn't feel much movement at all. But for the most part, there have been a few little popcorn kicks each day, although new baby has gotten in some harder kicks now a couple of times too - enough to surprise me :) I also got some double-takes from a couple of people at work - apparently the belly is getting more noticeable :)
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