Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Josie is getting to be such a little helper now... so much so that we may have to start hiding when we're cleaning since her "help" kind of derails the process. She loves washing the dishes (except for when they're done, which has led to some of her biggest meltdowns lately), and also will happily dust everything she comes across.

Josie is also continuing to get more vocal (with real words, at least). Her vocabulary still seems to be very good, but she hasn't been too quick to start talking in sentences, telling stories, or asking questions.... and, as has happened every other time so far, just as I was starting to get a bit worried, she seems to be going through a developmental leap again. She's getting pretty good at possessives (e.g., Mommy's phone, Mommy's camera), and is starting to say "please" and "thank you" unprompted now, which is awesome, since she says it when Ryan or I would be saying it to her - so she'll thank us for taking her toys away :)

Josie is recognizing several numbers and letters in print now, and is able to fairly consistently identify purple, black, white, and orange so far. She's actually learning colors and letters partly through playing pool with Ryan though - she likes to help him by collecting whatever color/number ball he asks for :)

She's also starting to ask us questions - not the infamous "why" yet, but she asks "what doing?" and "uh-oh, happened?"... usually when nothing really has happened. She's also making her mind known with communication a little more complex than her usual "No, stop!" When we were at the playground the other week, she called Ryan over to a different slide, he sat down where she asked, and then she promptly ditched him to climb up the other slide where he had been sitting. I found this very funny until a couple weeks later when she banished me to the other side of the playground from her too, with the directive "Mommy, sit truck!" :-\

Josie is continuing to draw more deliberately, with closed-off circles, definite lines, and some rather detailed, complex drawings. She also still likes to have us draw the things she asks for, which usually starts out as her requesting an object (say, a shark), which becomes many requests for a "daddy shark", "mommy shark", and "baby shark", until the whole page is filled up with a various assortment of sharks. She seems to be using "daddy", "mommy", or "baby" to sort things by size, so these classifications have been applied to everything lately: "mommy deer", "daddy booger", "baby robot", and so on (yes, these are all real examples, just from the last week).
[Are these fish? I have no idea since she wouldn't tell me]
[Gibberish, drawing, talking on the phone, and her own special way of tracing her hand]

For outings this month, she went to Ryan's summer work gathering again. She didn't get to eat her weight in watermelons this year, but she did get to bowl :) There was a lane set up with a ramp and bumpers and Ryan said she must have rolled the ball down it 100 times. We actually went back to the same place last weekend and just played a few games in the arcade, and she was thrilled beyond belief with everything. She helped by handing us the balls for skeeball, and actually hit the puck a few times when I played air hockey with her (and I'm ok with the fact that I scored against a 2-year-old, since she decided to leave her goal wide open to talk and gesticulate wildly about.... something).

We also went berry picking with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law, and Josie picked her own apple, peach, and blackberries. She seemed to especially enjoy picking the blackberries, and was remarkably good about not trying to sneak any into her mouth :)

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[This brush is one of her favorite non-toy toys currently (a flashlight is the other)... and now my hair tends to look rather fluffy like hers now, since she likes to brush my hair into my face (and then ask me where I am)] 
[I think I had just told her that she had dusted everything there was to dust]
[She takes after her dad]
[Including mainly because of the adorable way she says "yes" and "daddy" at :17 seconds left]
[Including mainly because the way she runs is awesome (starting at :23 seconds left)]

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