Saturday, December 7, 2013

29 Weeks

This week I started getting comments that my belly "popped". I'm not sure if that's the case (especially since I seem to have shrunk in my picture for the week - although I may just have been larger in last week's picture because of Thanksgiving!), but I do definitely feel bigger. I now have to put on my shoes in a lunge since I can't bend over to put them on - it's not just that I'm uncomfortable with my belly in my way, but it almost hurts. Even getting up from sitting is becoming more difficult - although I magically seem to have not lost any agility yet while doing yoga, so maybe it's at least partially mental ;)

Despite the fatigue and illnesses lurking around (I've had a sore throat when I first wake up the last few days, but it hasn't developed into anything more yet), I still feel pretty good. I don't have any of the aches and pains like I did around this time with Josie, nor any edema yet (yay!). I'm even doing fairly well about sleeping on my side now, except for it's on the wrong side (right instead of left), and side sleeping leads to back pain for me (although at least that usually goes away fairly quickly).

I am still waking up multiple times a night, only now sometimes it's for a bathroom break, which is a little more disruptive. I am still having vivid dreams every single night, but they've been a bit darker than normal lately (e.g., teaming up with a former high school classmate to solve a murder at a private/public hybrid high school, helping locate the evidence needed to bring down Walter White (from "Breaking Bad"), which for some reason happened to be at my old trainer's barn in Michigan).

On a happier note, my appointment with the midwives went well this week. We had a wide-ranging discussion to start off the appointment (from Thanksgiving to "Breaking Bad", which may at least be an explanation for what triggered that dream), started working through some birthing logistics, and then checked on the baby. My belly was lopsided when I laid down, which was the first time I've noticed that this pregnancy - new baby is big enough now to make my stomach look weird :) My belly is measuring right on track, my blood pressure and the baby's heartbeat were really good, and new baby is still very active. I've actually been feeling a lot more movement this week, but I think it's still only a fraction of what new baby is actually doing, since the midwife could hear (and see) the baby moving all over as she was trying to get the heartbeat, and yet I only felt a few of the movements.
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