Saturday, December 21, 2013

31 Weeks

Well, after mentioning the lack of hiccups in last week's post, new baby promptly remedied that and got the hiccups :) Just once so far, though.

We're all still sick from last week, although Josie seems to be almost better at least. Ryan and I perhaps are getting a second wave of disease, since while I started feeling better towards the beginning of this week, I now feel even worse. My sore throat is gone, but now our congestion is really quite unpleasant for Ryan and me. And despite many, many strange and intense dreams this week, I actually slept pretty well (read: only one wakeup) one night... and then that all went south again, as I'm now waking up more than ever.

I had an appointment with the midwives this week, with the last of the four midwives who I hadn't met yet - despite her being one of the two most likely to attend our birth (based on location). That went well, with my belly measuring 30cm (as it should), and my blood pressure and baby's heartbeat still doing well, and no edema quite yet. New baby still appears to be posterior (facing my front), which is not great since it can make labor longer/more intense, but hopefully it will turn around on its own sometime in the next few weeks... and if not, I will be trying my best to get it to turn :)
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