Saturday, December 28, 2013

32 Weeks

For some reason, I always think of 32 weeks as the beginning of the homestretch, so, fittingly, I've been buckling down more this week. I'm working on cutting down on the extra sugar in my diet, which should be much easier to do now that the holidays are winding down, and I've finally increased my water intake to more of what it should be (still have another 10oz or so to go each day, but it's much better now). I've upped my daily exercise, so on the days I'm not doing yoga or an hour of cleaning (like today), I'm now walking 30 minutes at a brisk pace on the treadmill.

Ryan and I also went through my to-do list and made some adjustments to it and even made some decisions: we now have names picked out (still a secret!), a plan for daycare (same place Josie was at before, assuming they have space), and a plan for new baby's sleeping arrangements (we briefly considered a co-sleeper, but now will be sticking with sidecarring the crib to our bed again) and my "nursing nooks" (a smaller setup in our closet for at least the first few weeks, and a secondary setup in the baby's nursery). We also oxi-cleaned all of Josie's old clothes that were in need of it, and brought down all of the baby stuff from the attic to organize and clean. Josie is now in her full size bed too, so since the bed had been stored in the nursery, that opened up a lot of space in there. We still have to arrange the furniture and closet in the nursery, but we'll tackle that next month.

I'm still sick, but I feel like maybe I'm getting better? My nose is slightly less stuffed up during the day, although it's still been bad enough a couple of nights that I had problems sleeping since I couldn't breathe. The sleeping situation was slightly better this week - I'm still waking up several times a night and not exactly feeling refreshed in the morning, but I feel like I may be moving towards acceptance now: I'm functioning (for the most part), I actually am feeling pretty good (despite being diseased and sleep-deprived), and I'm not quite as frustrated by my inability to sleep as I have been. Also, the new baby keeps me company in the middle of the night, since it likes to give a good, hard kick whenever I shift positions, so that's kind of the bright spot of my multiple wakeups each night :)

New baby added scraping movements to its repertoire this week: I don't know if it's an elbow or a leg moving across my belly, but it's definitely disconcerting. It was kicking so much at work yesterday that I found myself working most of the day with one hand on my belly to better feel the baby kicks :) Ryan's mom and both sisters also got to feel the baby kicking on Christmas, which was fun to be able to share that with them, although Ryan's younger sister's reaction (screaming) was my favorite ;)
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