Saturday, December 14, 2013

30 Weeks

This week has been a very exhausting week. Josie came down with a cold last weekend, which of course meant that Ryan and I are now sick again too. She was not sleeping super great all week and was waking herself up coughing, which meant even more wakeups for me than usual, and then I lost 1-2 hours of sleep a couple nights because we just ended up bringing her back to bed with us since that was the easiest way to get her back to sleep. Which meant she and Ryan got back to sleep just fine, but I have more problems getting back to sleep after 5am (when this kept happening). So even though Josie was behaving herself and didn't kick me in the head at all (which marked the last time she had slept in bed with us, almost a year ago), I just got to lay there the rest of the night and hope that resting would have at least some benefit to me.

So I was basically a zombie by Friday, went to bed at 8:30pm (after Josie went to bed two hours early too) and got up at 8:00 this morning. My nose is still completely stuffed up and my throat is sore, but I'm at least awake and (mostly) functioning :) And poor Josie's ear drum ruptured this morning, so I guess that explains why she was so fussy last night before she fell asleep in Ryan's arms at 6:45pm :(

New baby was still moving all over the place this week, and I got caught for the first time at work while I was staring at my belly waiting for the baby to move ;) There have been a few more side-to-side, belly-shaking movements this week, rather than the usual kicking and punching. Still no hiccups yet, though!

We've also been making some progress on our to-do list - I got the paperwork/deposits sorted out for a couple of birth-related things, and we've also been working on names. We're going with the same boy name we decided on when I was pregnant with Josie, and we had a girl name seemingly all picked out but then we started second-guessing it, so we've been poring over girl names again the last couple of weeks. I'm just curious to see if we end up going with the first name we had picked out, since we did almost this exact same thing with Josie too :)
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